Our Programs

Youth Employment Foundations

Designed to serve as a platform to help un- and underemployed young adults (aged 16-35) acquire skills and training required to be successful in today’s job market.


Women's Gathering

This programs seeks to revitalize the knowledge of Indigenous women by offering twice weekly meetings, and special events for all women to come together in community to learn, share, and experience Indigenous Ways of Knowing. Ultimately the goal of this program is a kind and welcoming space for all.

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Family Support Services

Assists with emergent and short term services for families and individuals in need of food provisions; education on budgeting; information on agencies and supports; and access to potential employment services. We also offer educational workshops and host support groups, and seek to help families while supporting change in the community as a whole. You must be sober to access our services, anyone under the influence will be asked to leave.


Waskaysoo Food Bank

Waskaysoo Food Bank, like others is a non-profit, charitable organization that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger.


Youth Centre

Focused on mentorship, cultural experiences, and life skills for youth in our community. Through this program we are able to offer Youth and Young Adults a safe and supportive place to learn, grow, and have fun.


General Support Services

Offering assistance to the community by providing access to vital services, and supplies. We have available to the community: phones, fax machines, computer/Wi-Fi access, printing/photocopier, government service support, institutional information, referrals to outside agencies, one-on-one support, and other services as required. You must be sober to access our services, anyone under the influence will be asked to leave.


Indigenous Learner Supports

This program provides individuals and families with skills for reading, understanding and other aspects of literacy. Those who need assistance are welcome to make an appointment or drop-in to our office, the program is intentionally flexible, in order to be able to meet participants at their level.


Indigenous Spirit Creations

Indigenous Spirit Creations is the business side of the Lac La Biche Canadian Native Friendship Centre. Our goal is to share the cultures of the community, and create connections for all with the unique stories and experiences of the Cree and Metis peoples of Northeast Alberta.


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