Volunteers establish centre in 1986

Awarded a grant of $3,500.00 and office furniture donated by Alberta Vocational Centre

1 of only 2 Friendship Centres in Alberta allowed by the Federal Government to use the word Canadian in its title

1990 First Friendship Centre in Alberta to receive operational funding from the province as a pilot project for three years

1993 Partnered with the Northern Lights School Division to establish and house a New Opportunities School for youth requiring different learning surroundings in order to succeed

1994 Purchased existing lakeview property through volunteer fundraising efforts
1 of the founding members of the Lac La Biche Bingo Association

1995 Volunteer hours (over 1000) renovated new building which required replacing of the cement floor
Centre lobbied during this period for recognition by the Federal Government of financial support to the Lac La Biche Friendship Centre

1996 Celebrated 10th anniversary with the first Round Dance held in the community of Lac La Biche
Organized Multicultural Event for Winter Games
Developed and maintained Youth Drop In Centre for the community of Lac La Biche

2001 Centre closed its doors for a period of six months; due to limited financial support and exhaustion of volunteer hours

2002 Core Funding secured

2005 Partnered with AADAC in the first Tobacco Reduction Program in the community of Lac La Biche and initiated no smoking by-law.